Project Paul

Project Paul is a theatrical response to the life and writings of the Apostle Paul featuring music and soundscapes, video art, light and movement. The show premiered in 2005 and was performed over eighty times on tour at venues across the United States in subsequent years. In 2012 I performed the work at the United Solo Theatre Festival in Times Square, NYC.

Soundtrack and Script-$10

Download the entire original 65 minute soundtrack, along with the full script and liner notes. Follow the reference for each passage and see how the elements of the work fit together. Also included is the score for the beautiful saxophone quartet "Response."

Movie of full show, soundtrack and script-$15

Download the movie of the original 65-minute production, a digital copy of the full soundtrack, liner notes, script with biblical references, and score for the sax quartet "Response." Filmed from multiple angles at Cloak Theater in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Project Paul Featurette with Interviews

Bubble Interlude from Project Paul


The project was created in collaboration with dozens of other artists and performers. The key collaborators were my brother Scott Baye, who created the video art and my sister Christy Bagasao who supplemented the Apostle Paul's writings with original text and poetry. A cast of fifteen actors added their voices and dozens of musicians were featured in the audio recordings including a prominently featured saxophone quartet. I composed the music and sound design and performed the work.

Project Paul brings the Apostle Paul to life in a unique way. The show follows the arc of his life, through various scenes that form a collage of his ministry. Paul expressed his message of hope in different ways depending on what he felt his audience needed to hear: encouragement, discipline, humor, anger and, at the root of all, love. This show uniquely captures the energy behind his work. 

This show is currently not in performance, but if you have interest in remounting a production, or if you have an idea or event you are interested in proposing, please let me know

Jonathon Roberts

Scott Baye

Christy Bagasao

Jacob Allen, Marissa Bagasao, Paris Brown, Charlie Christenson, Anneliese DeDiemar, Fred Gaines, Randall McNeill, Brendan Marshall-Rashid, Maryl McNally, Marie Mikels, Aram Monisoff, Emma Sweet, Emily Zempel

Chris Clouthier, Allison Davis, Mark Determan, Kim Reece

Emily Zempel

John Roberts

Corey Baye

Justine Reimnitz

Scott Baye

Christy Bagasao

Karen Baye

The following people's voices appear within audio samples:
Timothy Troy, Terry Rew-Gottfried, Hans Ternes, Chorthip Peeraphatdit, Nora Hertel, Choyning Dorji, Ki-yong Min, Tasneem Mirza, Won Joon Kim, Bao Ha, Phyllis Odoom, Sandra Obeng, Tariq Engineer, Olia Shapel, Jill Beck, Fred Sturm, Larry Darling, Ellen Mitala, Reid Stratton, Kami Jo Radsek, Meg Ozaki, nightlife of Santa Barbara, Governor Jim Doyle, and Senator John Kerry.

The following ensembles are featured within audio samples: 
Women's Choir of Lawrence University (LU), LU Jazz Ensemble, LU Symphony Orchestra, LU Wind Ensemble, Sambistas. 

Special Thanks: Matt Turner, Tim Troy, Venture Theatre-De Pere, Martin Vire (of Full Compass), LU Department of Theatre, David Owens, Corey Baye, Paula Roberts, Dominic and Cameron Baye, Stephen and Elisabeth Bagasao, Nancy Osterberg, Kathy Privatt, Joanne Bozeman, Steve Jordheim, Joanne Metcalf, Lawrence International, my patient roommates, Barbara Wolf and Julie Bargholtz of Thrivent

All samples were recorded by Roberts with the following exceptions: 
Lawrence large ensemble recordings and raw sax quartet by Larry Darling
Two short environmental excerpts by Peter Cusack (middle of city scene)
"Young Girl" recording by Stephen Bagasao
John Kerry samples by Peter Gillette 

All sampled music composed by Jonathon Roberts with the following exceptions:
"Open Arms" by Journey (live band in city scene)
Sarabanda by Jesus Alfonso (end beat in city scene)
Some environmental music in city scene

"Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift."