Cities is a song cycle personifying biblical cities. Each track responds to a specific city in the Bible–Bethlehem, Ephesus, Jerusalem, Jericho, and the "New City" as described in Revelation. They are inspired by specific passages that personify–Bethlehem being told in Micah that "though you are small, out of you will come a great ruler", and Jerusalem in Ezekiel 16 described as an adulterous wife, for example. The album was a labor of love and involved recording and collaborating with family and friends across NYC and Beacon, NY. Enjoy!   

This album was released in 2017 and is available for purchase on BandCamp.

Jonathon Roberts: vocals, piano, drum programming
Emily Clare Zempel: vocals, Boris the Bassoon (4)
Ariana Rosen: violin
Kevin Gosa: soprano and alto saxophones, backing vocals (1)
Meaghan Burke: cello, backing vocals (1,4)
James Hall: Trombone, backing vocals (1)
Walter Roberts: backing vocals (1, 6)

Lyrics by Emily Clare Zempel & Jonathon Roberts
Music and production by Jonathon Roberts