The second demo from my upcoming Portasound Proverbs album is ready to share.

Here it is: [N/A]

This one was a collaboration with my baby boy Walter. Walter has taken a big liking to my keyboards. We have some fun times banging away together. Well I mostly load up patches and hold him upright while he bangs away. He's a bit like a living randomizer. Instead of programming some complex oscillator on my keyboard to affect the sound, I can just load up some patches and set Walter loose on it. Composing with Walter is a little like composing for slot machines. You set up a structure and then set the machine (or human) loose and see how it all comes together. I've said before that John Cage would like writing for Slot Machines. Perhaps he wrote with kids, too. I'm not sure.  

Anyway, this project is all about celebrating the awesomeness of both the book of Proverbs and the Yamaha Portasound PSS-680. For this track I let Walter point and choose eight passages from the book of Proverbs. Then I made a collection of seventy or so wild sounds and patterns I created with the synth on the Yamaha Portasound. I recorded the sounds into my Kontakt Sampler in Logic Pro, and then assigned them to play with each key on my 88-key Casio. I also recorded my wife Emily reading each passage twice and assigned those to the top sixteen keys of the Casio.

Then I set Walter loose at improvising on the keyboard. Here's a clip:

I then had similar improv sessions on my own to develop the piece. I edited down my favorite parts of around forty minutes of material to create the three minute track you heard. It starts with my composition and weaves into purely Walter's work by the last thirty seconds. Enjoy!  

I'm shooting for a five song Portasound Proverbs EP available by the end of summer. I will keep updating on this blog. Read about the full project and hear other tracks here. Thanks.

Posted on July 4, 2014 and filed under Portasound Proverbs.